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                                                     Contractor’s Bid Day Frenzy

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in the contractor’s office the day of a bid?  Oh sure, you’ve all heard the “war stories” and how crazy it gets right before the bid opening, but how many of you can say you’ve actually experienced it?

Come and join us for our Contractor’s Bid Day Frenzy Program, where you will be able to see and experience the pre-bid and bid day frenzy that contractors go through.  You will be exposed to a variety of real world circumstances, which may (or may not) include last minute changes, incomplete information, availability of key participants, assumptions that must be made and a myriad of other factors that ultimately affect your bid. 

You will be an active participant, so come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!  You will be the contractor, but you will be interfacing with the architect and subcontractors to put your bid together.  This is not a program for the “weak at heart” or for bystanders – this is strictly “hands on!”

Our goal is for you to leave this program and have a better understanding of how incomplete or ambiguous information, both in the bidding documents and what’s received from the Owner pre-bid affect the bid that is turned in.

This program is recommended for owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, surety agents, insurance agents and anyone else that is involved in preparing, interpreting, submitting or receiving bid documents.  Some basic knowledge of how the public bidding process works is recommended prior to signing up for this course.

This program has previously been presented to the following groups of participants:

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) (Multiple groups)

Oregon State University – CEM Estimating Class (Multiple years)

AGC – Oregon Columbia Chapter

CSI – Willamette Valley Chapter (Multiple years)

CSI –National Show & Convention, Nashville, TN

American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) – Willamette Valley Chapter

Many have participated, and tried, but few have turned in “responsive, competitive bids”.  However, nearly all that participate frequently say things like:

“I learned a lot”

“Is it really like that?”

“I had no idea it’s that crazy”

Contact us for more information and to schedule a special presentation for your group.